Imagine being an author who after composing many chapters for a new novel needed to perfect the editing, order, layout, font face, add table of contents, and in the end create a master copy which would be could be duplicated and bound for release.

If you have recorded many individual songs for release whether as an album or demo, you have only created the chapters. You may have some idea of the layout of the songs. Unfortunately, the editing, gaps between each song, the climaxes within each song and for the whole album, and ultimately the presentation of the album is not perfected.

Just like a great novel which you can’t set down until you’ve read its entire length, a great album or demo provides not a hodgepodge of mixes but a journey which maintains the interest of the listener so they in effect don’t want to set it down until they have listened to its length.

Here are some important reasons why you should have your recording mastered:

• To perfect the tonal balance of each selection (example: equalization)
• To perfect the spacing and level of each selection to maintain a continuity throughout your album (example: your album with proper punctuation, paragraph lengths)
• To provide dynamic contrasts within songs and the album (example: your album as a roller coaster ride with peaks and dips)
• To present the album in a realistic and musical way in terms of loudness and dynamics (example: a movie where the night scenes are dark and more blue and the day scenes are brighter with more reds and greens)
• To correct spacial and dynamic deficiencies of the recording (example: you have the wrong prescription for your glasses or contacts and everything looks fuzzy or flat)

What makes a mastering engineer?

While the tools are important, the key to the success of your album lies in the mastering engineer. The mastering engineer must have a musical and technical background, fine tuned ability to listen, great equipment, and technical knowledge. He must be able to read music and have an excellent sense of pitch. He knows how to operate specialized tools and apply their functions to your work. The mastering engineer can work with all musical genres and is sensitive to their unique characters.. He is sensitive to the needs of the artist and treats your project with the attention necessary. His professional experience is applied so that your CD will translate well to any environment, be it your home, work, radio, or the car.

Mastering with Dizzysound

My studio is located in Dyer, Indiana (40 minutes from the Chicago Loop.) If you can’t attend the session, then we are mastering via snail mail which comprises the majority of my work. When mastering via mail, a 50% deposit is required before mastering begins. When you are satisfied with the job done, I will send you the completed master, ready for duplication. I can also hold the master and send it once payment in full is received.

My mastering rates are determined on a per project basis. I offer flexible rates to accomadate a variety of budget. Please contact us for more information.


Mixes should be uploaded in 24 Bit AIFF or WAV files.

When you make your two track mix try to resist Hypercompression. In fact, if you can avoid compression entirely and send in a recommendation as to what you are looking for, the appropriate processing can be used for optimal sound. Often times things come in which have really been compressed to the point where its beyond repair. Allow the mastering engineer to decide what is needed. Do send detailed information about what you would like to hear and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Will we do a demo mastering session of one to three songs of yours to show what we can do for your recording?

I offer our new clients a free “demo mastering” on one to three songs. Basically, you send me a couple mixes and I master them, and then put both the un-mastered and mastered versions on Soundcloud for you to hear the difference mastering can make. I feel this will give you an accurate representation of what we are capable of.

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to call or email me with your questions!