From location recording of your music event to mastering for web and disc, we offer the skills and technology to deliver to you a musical product. We specialize in recording of acoustic music and mastering of all genres of music.

Why produce a recording?

A recording
• …provides an archival document of a unique performance.
• …can be used to document and assess the progress of the musician or student.
• …can help teach musician(s) to critically listen and provide the opportunity to evaluate from a later perspective.
• …is a valuable memento for a performer.
• …can be used as a promotion product for the musician(s) and organization.
• …can be used as a fundraiser for financially struggling organizations.

My Goals:
…I concentrate on capturing the live event with all possible accuracy.
…I attempt to recreate a natural sense of the original acoustic.
…I capture the full dynamic range of the performance.
…I seek to capture the event in order to convey the most musical experience possible.
…I focus on tonal purity and accuracy.
…Finally, I allow the technology disappear from the music making, leaving the performers and producers to make music.

Christopher Gillespie, owner and engineer